ZORT - Zombie Outbreak Response Team (Design Studio) 

Design label for shirts and gear for local support of the ZORT.

Be ready, get organized!

Select the apparel and design from the tabs, you can add text if you like (it will cost more for each logo and text). Note: you may have to adjust the colors or types of print to work with different colors of fabric.

I created the logos as single color and 2-color vector art, so that you could select your OWN color combinations. I uploaded a Generic and Utah specific design at 100% and 50% size, let me know if you would like to see different state or other designs.
(I can certainly add them)

If you would rather not design your own shirt, you can select a pre-made shirt in the ZORT Shop.
(The ZORT Shop is will already have designs made, just need to select the size/color)